- EOLOS TRANSPORT & Co. G.P. is active in the field of road freight services specializing in the transport of temperature-controlled cargo, the possibility of transport in the field of distribution and dry cargo transport.

The strategic axis of our operation is the safeguarding of human life, under which the present Road Safety Policy of our staff, as well as the respective associated aims and objectives. Specifically and regarding the Road Safety of our employees, the corporate goals are:

  • No car accident
  • No environmental impact as an impact of a road safety incident
  • Well-trained and sensitized staff and
  • Event management readiness

The administration is committed to the full compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements, to provide the required resources in order to achieve an improvement in the level of Road Safety and to support the relevant programs.

The above objectives will be achieved through:

  • Ongoing information, training and awareness of our staff and partners / suppliers to continuously improve our road safety performance
  • The regular review of threats / opportunities and Road Safety programs in the light of the continuous improvement of the Road Safety Management System that we implement
  • Regular monitoring of relevant performance indicators
  • The existence of a specific traffic accident management plan and the conduct of preparedness exercises
  • The effort of continuous improvement of RSMS guided by the service of the corporate purpose and strategic axis

This Policy is updated and revised appropriately in cases of changes in the size or nature of the company's activities or after the occurrence of emergencies and is reviewed in each review of the Road Safety Management System.


Thssaloniki, September 2023


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