Free up capital that you would use to acquire distribution media and devote it to productive activities
Having as a basic rule of operation the provision of high quality and value services Eolos Transport adopted and uses technological equipment and a modern fleet of vehicles for food preservation (refrigeration - freezer) with a high degree of security. Because the loads that are transferred have peculiarities in the way they are handled, we use cold rooms that satisfy three temperatures at the same time. All cold rooms have a certificate of suitability for transporting food (FRC/ATP) which guarantees the safe delivery of food and products sensitive to high temperatures. Also available for specific routes and additional types of refrigerators such as sliding or small trucks

The advantage we offer is based on the fact that companies producing, wholesale and retail food and other items, using the high quality services of Eolos Transport, can free up capital, which they would otherwise use to acquire distribution media, in more productive activities.

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